Andreas Kapsalis

In addition to composing the music used in his performances and on his CDs, Andreas Kapsalis offers custom music, scoring, and sound design services for film, TV, video games, and digital media. His recorded music is available for licensing as well. For more information contact him at

The original compositions of ten-finger acoustic guitar virtuoso Andreas Kapsalis are a remarkable blend of Americana, flamenco, Greek, African, and Arabic music infused with Balkan and European ornaments. His style of composition is always reminiscent of a soundtrack filled with emotionally introspective twists, contemplative motifs, and an air of intrigue and fantasy, all meant to accompany the audience's imagination. The lively and rhythmic sound with his 10-finger tapping technique that allows him to play bass, harmony, and melody simultaneously, along with percussive sounds, is amazing to hear, realizing that it is being played by one person on one acoustic guitar.

Andreas began performing nationally with the Andreas Kapsalis Trio and recorded two discs featuring his compositions. While performing in LA, he was invited to apply for the Sundance Composers Labs. He was awarded a Fellowship Grant to attend the Sundance Film Composers Lab in 2005, an honor awarded to only six composers a year. This was his initiation into film composing. At the end of the Sundance Composers Lab, Andreas was invited by the directors to complete a score for their documentary film "Black Gold" among the documentaries selected for the January premier at the Sundance Film Festival. Founder of the Sundance Institute and Festival, Robert Redford, noted this was the first time in Sundance Institute history that documentary fellows and a composer fellow had an "official selection" at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Andreas subsequently composed scores for several documentary and feature films such as "Pig Business" and "Mulberry Street" and has also been commissioned by Northwestern University and Notre Dame to compose music for their silent film festivals.

Click on the photo on the right to view Andreas Kapsalis’s new Film Composition Reel featuring score excerpts from "Black Gold", "Pig Business", "Gas," and "Mulberry Street."

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"Andreas Kapsalis is a real-deal artist with a deep soul and a totally original voice. He has always taken my breath away with his unique and evolutionary style of guitar playing but, now that he’s found a forum of expression as a film composer, he has crossed into a new realm with an expanded pallet that’s truly awe inspiring." - Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI

"For Black Gold, Andreas created the perfected marriage between music and picture. It was always our intention for the music to reflect the juxtaposition and inter-connectedness of the two worlds the film moves between, and Andreas realized this ambition with passion and perfection. By fusing African sounds and rhythms into a distinctly caffeinated score, he produced a cinematic experience which speaks to a global audience" - Speak-IT Productions


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